Japanese Courses

North Shore Japanese Language Education & Services offers a variety of Japanese language classes That cater to all skill levels. These classes focus on simultaneously developing students’ core strengths:

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Reading

Beginning Japanese and Intermediate Japanese courses

  • 1.5 hours, 10 weeks
  • Total course fee $395(about $26/hour)
  • Meet at 900 Cummings Center Suite #413-V*
Course Names Date and Time
Beginning Japanese I Tuesday at 6:15-7:45
Starting January 16th
Beginning Japanese II Friday at 5:30-7:00
Starting January 19th
Beginning Japanese II Wednesday at 5:30-7:00
Starting January 24th
Intermediate Japanese (Date and time to be determined)

*The above regular course requires a minimum of 4 people.