Japan Festival Boston 2018

Japan Festival Boston 2018 We had a great time to be at Japan Festival Boston this year! Thank you for coming to our booth and participate in our raffle event. Here are the raffle winners. Japanese culture lesson: Luinesys Rodriguez Japanese calligraphy lesson: Jay Hurtubise Discounted Japanese language course (15% off): James Saxonis Please contact us at learnjapanese@comcast.net so that we can set up a date and time. Here are some pictures from the festival. I hope everybody had fun at the festival! our students came to stop by. Jeff san, Thomas san, David san, Jason San, thank you for helping us all day at our booth! I’m glad to know kids also are interested in learning Japanese! Boston Urasenke tea ceremony. 裏千家のグレン先生 . Japanese calligraphy ジェフさん、トーマスさん、ディビッドさん、ジェイソンさん 手伝ってくれてありがとうございました。

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