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Learn Japanese
with our Online Class

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Prepare for the JLPT
Prepare for the JLPT
We offer a variety of Japanese Classes to fit your needs!
We Offer a variety of Classes to fit your needs
Learn Etiquette and Language in a Japanese Business Environment
Learn about etiquette and language in a Japanese Business Setting
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Welcome to North Shore Japanese Language Education and Services!

Learn to read and speak Japanese conveniently and affordably in the north shore area!

We offer quality Japanese language education without the hassle and expense of college tuition and fees. Conveniently located in Beverly, MA, we offer individual or small class instruction to suit your preferred learning style. Whether you need to learn for business, travel, or simply as a hobby, you can feel confident that you will receive a first rate Japanese language education.


Language Classes

Culture Classes

For people who can not take classes On-site we offer an array of online classes for those looking to learn Japanese.

We offer flexible and convenient Japanese language classes for all experience levels and backgrounds

Broaden your horizons and experience creating your own origami, calligraphy and more at a Japanese culture workshop.


College Credit Programs

We cater to business professionals studying Japanese for the first time with specifically tailored business-relevant materials.

We offer Seminars for groups to learn more about Japanese business etiquette and common phrases used in a work environment.

Those who are in College that are trying to earn credits while learning some Japanese. Click here for more info and we will be able to see if we can work something with your school.