Business Corporate Programs

Programs to Bolster Your Business

If your company has Japanese clients, Japanese partner companies, or a Japanese parent company, this program will help improve communication and strengthen your business.

Also, our program is ideal for employees who will be transferred to a branch in Japan in the future.


In this program, you will learn:

  • Japanese Language with the 4 Skills in Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading and Writing
  • Proper Japanese Etiquette
  • Japanese Customs and Protocol
  • Appropriate Use of Honorifics
  • Business Written Correspondence

Class time and location can be structured around your busy schedule as individuals or in groups/in company settings.


Assisting Transitions for Families

For companies that have Japanese employees from Japan who are accompanied by family members.

English language lessons for spouses and children to help in the adjustment to starting a new life in the US.

Cultural consultation, including everyday life issues for practical living in the United States. Services can include assistance with the needs of day to day life (translation and assistance registering children for school, activities, etc.)


Japanese Business Etiquette Seminar

If you are doing business with Japan, hoping to work in Japan, or work with Japanese subsidiary companies, this seminar will help you understand different business manners/etiquette that are not typically known to American businesspeople.

Not only does the seminar include useful information on business etiquette, but also elements of learning unique Japanese culture and appropriate behaviors and table manners. This is also recommended for people who would like to visit Japan!


In this seminar, you will learn,

  • Japanese Business Etiquette
    Exchange proper business cards, introducing yourself in business settings, appropriate use of honorifics.
  • Japanese Customs and Protocol
    Seating hierarchy, eye contact, proper behaviors in different settings
  • Japanese Table Manners
    Lunch is included in most seminars. You can learn basic table manners while you are eating lunch (Japanese food, of course). Suitable for colleges (business/international business department), companies, groups in organizations, or just for fun.