Other Services

Translation Services

English to Japanese

For non-legal documents, small group tour translations, animation subtitle, business cards, brochures, and Japanese restaurants’ menu editing, we will help you.


Pronunciation Coach

People who need a native level of pronunciation, or need dialect (specialized Osaka dialect and Kansai dialect) coaching.

Film and commercial makers

Would you like your actors to pronounce like native Japanese speakers? We will customize a special pronunciation lesson just for you and your team.

Collaborations with Private/Public Educational and Organizations

North Shore Japanese are currently collaborating with these local educational organizations:

Collaboration with North Shore Karate Academy and Authentic Karate Training Center

Karate and Japanese Language/Culture Summer Camps are held every July and August. Children can learn Karate as well as Japanese language and culture through informative and fun activities.

Summer Camp events are held separately at each dojo location.

For more information on existing Summer Camp Karate programs, visit Northshorekarate.com and Authentickaratetrainingcenter.com.
If you are looking to host a Japanese Summer Camp at your own Martial Arts center, please contact North Shore Japanese.


Charlestown Boys and Girls Club

North Shore Japanese teaches as part of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston’s Explore Japan program.

Teens learn Japanese language and culture for 9 months, and through the generosity of the Fish Family Foundation and the Boys and Girls Club Boston, travel to Japan for 2 weeks stay. More information: bgcb.org